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About Spa de Sal

How Spa de Sal started

Matilda Goes, Director, Spa de Sal

“Before Spa de Sal, I was completing a 30-year long career in the airline industry. Commuting in and out of the city had taken a toll on my lungs and I developed chronic bronchiectasis.  

After exhausting all medicines and alternative treatments, I came across salt therapy. Just a few sessions helped lighten the invisible weight on my chest and ease my coughing. 

In opening Spa de Sal I hope to make salt therapy accessible for others suffering similar conditions.  

I look forward to welcoming you to Spa de Sal.” 

-Matilda Goes, Director of Spa de Sal 

How It Works

Himalayan salt

Salt has had a ubiquitous presence in medical history since the time of the Egyptians. Even then it was recognised for its anti-inflammatory and disinfectant properties. 

Spa de Sal takes advantage of these properties in order to alleviate symptoms of respiratory and skin conditions, as well as improve fitness.  

Each therapy room has a controlled micro-climate into which, fine particles of medicated salt are diffused into the atmosphere through the specially devised halo-generator.

The sodium-enriched air helps cleanse the air sacs, enabling increased levels of oxygen into your lungs and thus improving immunity to bacterial infections within the respiratory and skin organs.

During the Session

Drawing in the salt

Spa de Sal offers a comfortable area of relaxation where you can experience the natural benefits of salt therapy.  

On arrival at your first session, you will be given a short consultation period to fully understand your ailments and to optimise the session for you. 

Lockers are available to store your belongings. Hair and shoe covers will be provided before you are guided to the therapy room, where you can indulge in the quiet and calming atmosphere.

Each session is an hour long where magazines and background music are provided, however we welcome you to bring personal entertainment to enjoy quietly for the duration of the session. 

For best results, wear comfortable clothing and take deep breaths.  For skin conditions we would recommend loose clothing around the affected area.