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The bowen technique - taster day 21st March

This is a form of massage that uses a gentle rolling action over soft tissue

In simplistic terms, the body is made up of connective tissue, each part attached to and influencing another.  Connective tissue protects the body at all times.  One of the two types of cells in connective tissue are called neurons.  Neurons carry messages to the brain.  Bowen message helps repair and maintain the communication flow between the brain and the body and, thus, helps relieve various physical and mental problems.  

For example, your shoulder injury may be creating a pain in your hip, this could be due to a change in the connective tissue tensions throughout the body system.  By realigning the tensions, the shoulder and hip pains can be reduced.

Bowen has been observed to help with, amongst others, Pain management, sports injuries, jaw discomfort, digestion, chronic fatigue.  

21st March 2020 - Trial day for Bowen Technique 

Take a 15 minute session at Spa de Sal to experience, for yourself, the benefits of Bowen Technique.  There will be a nominal fee of £10 to cover costs.

Please book in advance to avoid disappointment.


strengthen your immune system

Protect your lungs

Public Health England have made it very clear - whilst the Government is putting in measures to limit the fallout from the most recent virus to be identified, we all have the responsibility to continue practicing good hygiene:

- washing our hands regularly with warm water and anti-bacterial soap;

- sneezing into a tissue and binning it immediately;

- if we are touching hard surfaces in public places, avoid then touching our face.

If, like me you also have respiratory issues, we are told that we are more susceptible to catching any virus out there and, unfortunately for us, a simple cold can very quickly become a chest infection.

Therefore, as well as practicing good hygiene, we must try to keep our lungs clear of excess mucus (which attracts viruses) and strengthen our immune system to enable it to expel pathogens.  We can strengthen our immune system in the following ways:

Take probiotics - enables good gut health

Exercise - increases oxygen levels and reduces carbon dioxide levels

Healthy diet - eat fresh fruit and vegetables to increase Vitamin C levels

Salt therapy - anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties help expel pathogens.


massage therapy room

This newly refurbished room is ideal for any specialist wanting to practice Reiki or any form of massage therapy.  Although located on the lower ground floor, accessibility is possible even for those with mobility issues.

Spa de Sal is looking for like-minded partners who are wanting to expand their reach beyond their current client base.

Whether you want ad hoc slots or a regular booking, contact Spa de Sal to discuss the possibility.


consultancy room


We are looking to partner with specialists, in fields such as nutrition, psychotherapy, Ayurveda, who are looking to expand their reach beyond their current client base.


As well as the spacious, bright, and airy consultancy room you will be able to offer your clients a welcoming and manned Reception and all other facilities available at Spa de Sal.

Booking process

You may wish to only book ad hoc slots, or your schedule may allow you to operate at Spa de Sal at a regular pattern.  All options are available for you to choose from.  Contact Spa de Sal to discuss further.

mindful meditation & yoga workshop

If you are interested in future workshops please enquire at the spa.

Rejuvenate, replenish and invigorate your body and mind with gentle yoga postures, breathing exercises, and mindful meditation practice. 

The sessions will be run by Rebecca Jane of RJ Mind Body who brings with her expertise in Yoga, Mindfulness and Counselling.

The aim of the workshop is to instill calmness, reduce pain, ease stress, lift depression, and cleanse lungs.

Sessions will be conducted on yoga mats that we will provide.  Please bring a towel with you for your comfort.  A re-hydrating herbal infusion will be served after the session.

The gentle yoga exercises are suitable for beginners.

Choose to take a single session or multiple sessions:

Single session - £50.00

Two or more sessions - £40 per session.

Maximum 8 places per session.  Subject to availability.



For rugby fans

Supporting each other

Twickenham Stadium or The Stoop

 Spa de Sal in Brentford is within 2 miles of these venues.  

Looking to relax for an hour?

Our salt rooms are designed to offer a comfortable, quiet and relaxing environment.  A place to get away from the hustle and bustle.  An oasis in Brentford.

Group rates available

When you are booking your accommodation think about factoring in an hour in one of our salt rooms for your group.


Cleanse your lungs from the increased pollution levels

The increased pollution levels in London may have weakened our lung performance and reduced our immunity to the viruses to come in autumn and winter.

Take regular salt therapy for the next few months to cleanse your lungs and build your immune system.

Athlete and expanding lung capacity

Asthma sufferers - don't stop using your inhalers

  • Ensure you use your preventative inhaler as prescribed.
  • Keep your booster inhaler at hand at all times.
  • Protect your neck from the cold and damp.
  • Exercise regularly to ensure deep breathing.
  • Take salt therapy before the cold and damp weather starts to expand your lung capacity and build  your immune system.

Athletes and repairing muscles after an event

Training for a sporting event?

Take salt therapy to naturally improve muscle function, expand lung capacity, and, post event heal worn muscles quickly.